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10 level crossings in Qom were smartened

The Deputy of Transport and Traffic of Qom Municipality said: The issue of smartening intersections with lights and recording violations of crossing red lights electronically is on the agenda, and so far 10 intersections in Qom have been fully smartened.
In an interview with Shahrnews reporter, Reza Khanazad Yazdi, referring to the efforts of Qom Municipality to make traffic monitoring intelligent, stated: The intelligent control of the traffic plan was left over from the past years, which was tried to be followed up and carried out in 1402 and proceed according to the law.

He stated that 10 intersections in Qom have been fully intelligent in the issue of intelligentization of at-grade intersections, and added: In these 10 intersections, the time of red and green lights is adjusted based on the demand on each side of an intersection to minimize the waiting time at the intersection.

The deputy of transportation and traffic of Qom Municipality noted: Our goal in following up on this issue is to increase the satisfaction of citizens in traveling through level intersections and to reduce the violations of crossing the red light.

Pointing out that intelligent traffic monitoring is one of the important approaches of Qom municipality, he said: Traffic police have limitations to apply the law, but by using intelligent systems, traffic discipline can be established in the city.

Khanazad Yazdi stated that one of the most important issues that reduce accidents and fatalities is reducing the speed of roads and emphasized: The existence of 28 violation registration systems that we currently have in Qom will help to cover this issue well in 1403.

Referring to the follow-up to obtain the traffic code in the context of passing the red light, he said: We hope this issue will be realized in the new year.

The deputy of transport and traffic of Qom municipality continued: With the contract we have with the contractor, we will see that the intersections with lights will work intelligently, and crossing the red light will have a fine and will help reduce accidents a lot.

He stated: In 1402, we paid special attention to the issue of pedestrian crossing, and in the last days of 1402, we were able to install a pedestrian bridge in two accident spots, namely the area of ​​Jumuri Boulevard and phase 5 of Ammar Yasser Boulevard.