Municipality News

Everyone should work for the development of the city

Ayatollah Javadi Amoli said:The city is for everyone and everyone should try to improve it.

Ayatollah Javadi Amoli emphasized the importance of tree planting in the meeting of Mayor Seyyed Morteza Saqaiannejad and Mohsen Mohrari, head of the Qom Islamic Council, and stated: The municipality and mayors should know that their first task for the beauty of the city and the art of the city is tree planting and the tradition of reviving its beauty. The importance of planting trees in Islam is stated in this noble hadith that “Man saqqi talhahaha au sidrahah fakaannama saqqi mu’minah zamaah”; That is, whoever waters a tree in need of irrigation, it is as if he has watered a thirsty believer.

He continued, “If someone is unable to do something, we should strengthen him, not reject him. Islam tells us that if someone does something right and you are satisfied with that work, you also share in the reward of doing that work.” Therefore, what is important is to do things so that people can benefit from them.

In another part of his speech, he also emphasized the importance of production and employment and said: Production and employment are not custom, it is not like a march that can be solved by ordering, but this is science and industry and management, so we should not be narrow-minded in these areas. rather, things should be carried out with expertise and thought so that, God forbid, there is no one in the country who went home empty-handed, so that everyone’s honor is protected in front of their wives and children, people should be treated with dignity so that people live generously and wisely.