Municipality News

The government will help in financing Qom monorail

The president said: Qom Municipality should start completing the monorail project and the government will help in financing this project.

Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, in the meeting to review the problems of Qom province, pointed out that the monorail project should not be left half-finished and stated: Anyway, the country’s funds have been spent for this project and the task must be determined.

He ordered that the implementation of the project in a phase-by-phase manner and based on the agreement of the officials of related institutions, will be started by the Qom municipality and the government will also help the Qom municipality in providing the necessary resources for the implementation of the project.

Mohsen Mansouri, the executive vice president, presented a report on the latest status of the Qom monorail project and the reviewed solutions to complete this project in expert and preliminary meetings.

Mehrdad Bazarpash, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, while announcing the readiness of the Civil Aviation Organization and the Airports Company of the country to help complete the airport project, emphasized that the first step in this direction is to determine the duties of the opponents of the project.