Municipality News

Holding a magnificent march of the World Quds Day and supporting the people of Gaza

The General Director of Communications and International Affairs of Qom Municipality, explaining the actions of different departments of Qom Municipality in holding the Quds Day march, said: Creating the necessary facilities for citizens to attend this religious and political gathering was the main strategy of Qom Municipality in the actions of Qods Day.

Mehdi Kalanterzadeh, referring to the plans of the Qom Municipality to provide various services during the Quds Day procession, said: by the order of the Mayor of Qom, a special headquarters has been set up to provide services to citizens on the Quds Day, with the focus of the municipal services deputy and the membership of the administrations of the headquarters, organizations, regions and other vices in the municipality. Qom was formed to provide and perform the services of different departments based on the planned plans.

He announced the inter-departmental cooperation with other provincial institutions and organizations in order to hold a grand march ceremony and said: overlapping and providing services needed by various institutions and organizations, including the Provincial Advertising Coordination Council, Mosli Quds, military and law enforcement forces are on the agenda of different departments of Qom Municipality. was located

Kalanterzadeh also considered the free servicing of the bus fleet and the provision of free parking services around the holy shrine and mosque of Qods as other significant actions of the Qom municipality on Qods Day, which was implemented by the special order of the mayor of Qom.

He mentioned the holding of special cultural programs focusing on children and teenagers and continued: These special programs were carried out with the establishment of numerous cultural stations on the route of the march centered on the cultural, social and sports organization of Qom Municipality.

Kalanterzadeh also announced the holding of an exhibition of graphic works by the country’s artists on the subject of Quds Sharif and Gaza and said: This exhibition has been organized in the cultural corridor of Shahada Street in cooperation with the Qom Art District and the Qom Municipality’s Cultural, Social and Sports Organization in the vicinity of the World Quds Day march.