Municipality News

The City of Qom is ready to host Ramadan and spring season

The CEO of the Urban Green Space Organization of Qom Municipality said: 150 special elements have been designed and modeled for the holy months of Ramadan and Nowruz, which will be installed in different parts of the city in the next few days.

Referring to the organization’s activities in the months of Bahman and March, Payam Javadian said: this year, in addition to the high volume of services provided by the city management team due to the last days of the year, a series of special activities and events such as the celebrations of the half of Sha’ban, the 12th election of the Islamic Council and The assembly of experts and the shower of divine blessings brought excruciating fatigue to the urban service agents, which deserves gratitude and appreciation.

He pointed to the sixth big event of Shahrnagar Qom Urban Arts Festival and added: This event was held with the presence of artists from all over the country, especially Qom, and with an emphasis on local artists of Qom, for 6 days from 15th to 21st March, and the result was the production of 60 elements. It was with new designs related to the days of Ramadan and Nowruz.

The CEO of the Urban Green Space Organization of Qom Municipality paid attention to other elements and spatial creations related to the holy month of Ramadan and said: the implementation of two huge murals in Motahari Square and the intersection of Shahadai Dafan Haram, installation of 50 elements of sunlight with the ability to publish themes related to the days of Ramadan, 30 The light element and the massive moon and tubi element, 30 cedar elements and plaques, 20 city elements, etc. are among the elements and space creations that will be placed in different parts of the city by the end of this week.

He described the elements considered for Nowruz days and added: 10 flower tunnels, 30 spring bird elements, 10 Haftsin tablecloths and 30 large urban chandeliers are considered.