Municipality News

Recommendations to pilgrims and tourists at the same time as the snow continues and the weather is cold

The crisis management of Qom municipality issued a notice, warning about the importance of following safety tips and considerations.

The crisis management of Qom Municipality requests the dear citizens to observe the following safety precautions due to the continued rain of God’s mercy and the cold weather.

1. Strictly avoid unnecessary traffic on roads, especially roads with a steep slope.

2. Avoid parking cars next to narrow streets and main roads leading to urban recreational areas and blocking the path of cars (especially emergency and service vehicles).

3. Due to the cold weather, it is requested to avoid any kind of snow removal from the roofs and its transfer to narrow alleys and passages, which leads to disturbances in the traffic of citizens and cars.

4. The use of gas appliances without a chimney in closed environments should be strictly avoided.

5. Due to the large amount of snowfall, it is recommended to avoid parking cars and pedestrian traffic in the vicinity of tall and fragile trees (such as eucalyptus, bitter olive, etc.), and also maintain a safe distance if using the space of parks and gardens. It is recommended from the mentioned trees

6. During fog, it is recommended to use car fog lights while emphasizing the necessity of carrying wheel chains and driving carefully and calmly on urban roads.

7. Using suitable and warm clothes and predicting the right time in intercity trips and flights