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“The mayor of Qom congratulated “Engineer’s Day

The mayor of Qom issued a message and congratulated the great Iranian scientist Khajeh Nasir-o-din Toosi on his birthday, which is called Engineer’s Day.

Part of the message of the mayor of Qom is as follows:

The basis of the existence of the world is based on divine rules that make nature, and today’s human science has been able to discover a tiny bit of it and gain knowledge from it as much as its own knowledge, a knowledge that leads to the use of natural structures and laws in solving Human needs have become.

By trying to gain knowledge and understanding, knowledge is obtained in a way for better human living, building the environment around population colonies and meeting the needs of social man, which is as old as human life and in different ages, man has been able to grow knowledge and develop thinking. Bring more prosperity to yourself in life.

Geometry and engineering is the foundation of knowledge, which is a crystallization of the appearance of nature in human artefacts, a science emerging from the philosophy of knowledge and mixed with the power of human thinking and analysis to focus on human desires in the ages of time, to serve as a tool to make various components of human life.

The arrival of the birthday of the Iranian philosopher and thinker, Khajeh Nasir-o-din Toosi, and “Engineer’s Day” to all the hardworking people who, by cultivating their minds, built a path towards the well-being of the people and moving on the path of excellence with their knowledge. They provided social growth and prosperity, I sincerely congratulate them.

I hope that success will always accompany you every moment of your life.

Seyed Morteza Saghaiannejad
Mayor of Qom