Municipality News

At the same time as the first winter snowfall, the city of Qom was covered in white

The first heavy snowfall of the year on Monday evening covered the city of Qom in white and started a wave of happiness among the people.

The snowfall that started on Sunday morning in the city of Qom and the significant drop in temperature covered various areas of Qom governorate.

With the continuation of snowfall and a noticeable decrease in temperature and cold air, the Qom Crisis Management Headquarters announced the absence of schools as well as the hourly delay in the start of work of departments and executive bodies.

At the same time, the forces of Qom municipality are also working to prevent the blocking of roads and traffic of vehicles in the city by mobilizing road facilities and equipment in suburban roads.

According to Qom meteorological forecast, the air temperature of Qom city tonight and tomorrow will drop below 0 degrees Celsius and snowfall will continue intermittently until tomorrow evening.

In order to maintain the safety of traffic in the city, Qom municipal forces spread sandbags on the streets of the city, especially on the pre-planned steep streets.
Other service sectors such as urban transport are also fully prepared.

Due to the lack of rainfall this year, the snowfall made people happy, especially children and teenagers.