Municipality News

The city of Qom hosts the big celebration of the middle of the month of Sha’ban

The city of Qom is impatiently waiting to host pilgrims in the middle of Sha’ban, and the procession of the Boulevard of the Great Prophet (PBUH) which started on Friday, continues continuously with the presence of lovers of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH) and those waiting for the advent.
The grand celebration of the half of Sha’ban in Qom is held every year with the presence of millions of pilgrims from all over the country and different nationalities in the holy mosque of Jamkaran and it is a meeting place for those waiting for the promised from all over the world.
Half of Sha’ban is a celebration that covers the whole of Iran, but also the entire planet, and Jamkaran Holy Mosque is the meeting place of a part of these waiting and free people every year, and the honor of hosting this great event has been given to the city of Qom.

It has been more than a month that the plans have been made for the best possible celebration of the mid-Sha’ban festival in Qom, and during the continuous meetings of the headquarters of the pilgrims facilities of the governorate and municipality, various aspects of hosting the mid-Sha’ban pilgrims have been examined.

Referring to the readiness of the Qom municipality to provide services in the half of Sha’ban this year and the mobilization of three thousand municipal forces to hold this great celebration, Dr. Saqaiyannejad, the mayor of Qom, said: the construction of the route of the half-Sha’ban happy procession, the deployment of security and service forces, the lighting of 313 points in the city of Qom. At the same time, flying 100 “Ya Mahdi” flags in six towers, preparing parking lots around the mosque, providing free public transport fleet service within Jamkaran Mosque and creating 44 cultural pavilions on the spiritual boulevard of the Great Prophet (PBUH) are part of Qom Municipality’s actions in this field.

He drew attention to the activity of international processions on the boulevard of the Great Prophet (PBUH) and said: France, England, Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Iraq will organize international processions, and the Islamic resistance will also be actively present and bring the symbol of the unity of the Islamic Ummah to the stage. will draw