Municipality News

Development of irrigation with urban wastewater in the green space of Qom

The CEO of the Green Space Organization of Qom Municipality said: Due to the poverty of underground water resources in the four and eight regions, the wastewater utilization project was started and we started to get a consultant.

Pointing to the importance of using wastewater in the irrigation of green spaces, Payam Javadian stated: Using wastewater is one of the major programs of the Green Space Organization for the sustainable use of the city’s green spaces and the urban green belt.

He added: In the past two years, in addition to the allocation of 4.5 million cubic meters of wastewater by regional water, about 30 liters per second of secondary treatment has been carried out in Rezvan Park and 117 hectares of Rezvan Park lands have been covered with wastewater irrigation.

Javadian stated: The transfer of wastewater from water and sewage treatment plants to the secondary treatment plant in Rizvan Park has made about 85% physical progress, and with its operation, about 100 liters of wastewater per second is transferred to Rizvan Park, and then it undergoes secondary treatment in Rizvan Park. Rezwan will be transferred to 290 hectares of Bostan Velayat lands and Qom road lands in Tehran.

Javadian added: By using sewage, raw water sources and wells that are being used to irrigate green spaces can be replaced with drinking water that is used in urban areas.