Municipality News

The collection of dry waste in Qom became smart

Seyed Abdullah Mirabrahimi stated: Qom Municipal Waste Management Organization has created an effective and efficient system to collect and recycle dry waste in order to create a sustainable environment and as an effective solution for the comfort of citizens.

He stated that the effort of this group is to take a positive step in the direction of promoting the culture of waste separation and improving the environment and provide a clean and healthier future for the city. Recycling is very effective.

The CEO of Qom Municipal Waste Management Organization pointed out how to implement the project and reminded: Citizens can request data collection after separating recyclable waste such as paper, cardboard, metal and plastic bottles, nylon, electronic devices in the software introduced by the organization and after Visiting the relevant operator after weighing, the citizen’s wallet will be charged according to the weight of the delivered waste.

Mirabrahimi added: the dry waste collection system is a practical tool that easily provides the possibility of delivering citizens’ dry waste in the city, and citizens can collect their dry waste according to the schedule and at the desired location to the fleet by registering in the software introduced by the organization. deliver and benefit from various and valuable points.