Municipality News

The activity of 5914 taxis in Qom city/revision of taxi lines is underway

The head of the taxi management and supervision organization of Qom municipality said: Currently, 5 thousand 914 taxis are operating in Qom city.

Ghasem Talebi stated that there are currently 5 thousand 914 taxis operating in Qom city, and said that about 4000 trucks have also been organized, which have been issued employment and operating licenses through the organization.

Emphasizing that about 600 wireless taxis are active in Qom, she added: About 2,000 taxis are operating on the routes and 3,000 taxis are operating.

He pointed out: 76 lines have been created for taxis in the city of Qom, which are monitored by both the organization and private companies, which are operating on average between 70 and 80 taxi lines in each line.

Referring to the revision and study of the city-wide taxi lines, he stated: Currently, a research team under a contract with the Qom Municipality’s Deputy Transport Department is investigating the lines and the number of fleets that are supposed to operate in the city.

According to Talebi, with the requests made by the citizens that some lines need taxis, we are looking for this work to be done scientifically and not to deal with the issue too emotionally, and we coordinated a team for both taxi lines and bus lines. They have a revision agenda that their plans are presented and after approval, they are operational and implemented.