Municipality News

The operation of more than 200 buses in the city of Qom

Referring to the number of active fleets of the organization, Ali Nik, the CEO of the bus organization, stated: The fleet of this organization includes two active fleets in the lines and organization of bus services, as well as the depot fleet as backup.

He added: “From the beginning of October, it was decided that no fleet of buses would leave the lines for regular services, and all buses would be permanently active on the lines until the head-to-head intervals reach 10 to 15 minutes.”

The CEO of Qom Municipal Bus Organization pointed out that there is a compulsion to provide shuttle service for some centers, because if this service is not provided, people will be added to the public transport fleet and increase the density at that particular hour, for this reason it is planned to ask drivers in The rest shift should be used in this context.

Nik added: 200 buses usually provide the necessary services in the city, and this number has reached 210.