Municipality News

The book reading campaign “I am my kind friend” will be held in Qom

Book reading campaign #من_يار_مهربانم will be held at the same time as book and book reading week by the cultural, social and sports organization of Qom Municipality.

Seyyed Ahmad Tabatabainejad considered the promotion of books and book reading as important and stated: The ability to read is one of the most important basic skills in today’s world, and reading is necessary and inevitable in order to have a relationship with today’s society.

Emphasizing the promotion of reading culture among children and teenagers, especially students, he said: This campaign is held in order to spread the culture of reading non-curricular books for children and teenagers and students in the age group of 8 to 15 years at the same time as the book and reading week.

He said that the purpose of holding this campaign is to create motivation to study, to strengthen reading literacy and familiarity with different concepts, and he said: “One of the most important tools for raising and educating children and teenagers, especially students, who are considered huge assets of society, is books and promoting good habits.” Reading plays an important role in developing and promoting knowledge, awareness and encouraging students to participate in cultural affairs.

By stating that books and reading books and the degree of tendency to study are one of the indicators of growth and development, he said: what empowers a person and brings him to the heights of success is study.