Municipality News

Iran’s largest cycling park will be built in Qom

The bicycle park with an area of ​​30,000 square meters has 8 professional cycling tracks and is currently being implemented in Pardisan region.

The construction of a bicycle park in Pardisan will be implemented in order to take a step to support clean transportation in the city of Qom.

One of the parts of this park includes eight cycling tracks from amateur to professional.
Another 15 hectares is intended for families to use for cycling.

In this area, we built a 5,000 square meter traffic training park, which is in the final stages. Our goal is that children are trained in traffic issues from a young age and understand this issue in a safe environment.

The health and walking path is one of the other parts of this park.

Several bike tracks, soccer fields, beach volleyball and beach soccer fields have been designed in this park.

The complete implementation of the comprehensive bicycle plan in Qom city requires many measures, including the establishment of bicycle paths on the main roads of the city, the creation of special parking lots, the establishment of bicycle rental systems and the securing of city routes for cyclists, but the bicycle park is a small collection for teaching cycling and having fun with it. This is the device.

This park encourages young people to use the clean transportation system more and will be a good place for family sports and traffic education for children and teenagers.