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Making more than 34,000 public calls to the system of 137 Qom municipalities in one month

Director General of Communications and International Affairs of Qom Municipality said: Last month, 34,784 public calls were made through the 137 system regarding various issues.

Mehdi Kalanterzadeh in this interview, referring to the performance and information of the 137 system in September, said: Out of 34,784 public calls to the 137 system, the most requested group issue was cleaning with 2,500 calls, and the highest request was reported for region 6.

He added: There were 1,300 calls related to green space. Citizens reported it to the authorities through the 137 system. Also, 850 requests for soil and refuse collection and 820 requests for garbage and waste were reported among the important requested issues.

The General Director of Communications and International Affairs of Qom Municipality noted: the group of topics of asphalt, road barrier, animals, bus driving, beautification, collection and installation, washing, construction, traffic, workers, street repair, appreciation and thanks, and social damage, respectively. The most frequent phone calls of Qom Municipality’s 137 system in September of this year.

The 137 system is the communication bridge between the people and the municipality, and the necessary guidance is provided regarding citizens’ requests.