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Qom fire department is ahead of international standards in reaching the place of accidents

The CEO of Qom Municipality’s Fire Department and Safety Services said: The global average time to reach the scene of an accident is four minutes, but in Qom this number has reached three minutes and 30 seconds.

In an interview, referring to the situation of fire fighting in Qom city, Ali Zandieh said: Qom city with a population of one million and 300 thousand people and with the presence of 24 active fire stations, is currently able to meet the world standard per capita which is 50 thousand There is a fire station.

He stated that this issue is evident in the time of reaching the incidents, and added: According to international standards, the time to reach the fire place is four minutes, but currently in Qom, the time to reach the fire is three minutes and 30 seconds, which is better than the average. Global standards.

The CEO of the Qom Municipality Fire and Safety Organization pointed to the construction of the central Qom fire station and noted: The construction of this fire station has started in the body of the Great Prophet (PBUH) Boulevard with an area of ​​approximately seven thousand square meters and is currently in The final stages are located.

He paid attention to the dispersion of fire stations in the city and clarified: the dispersion of stations has its own special standards; The location of the stations can determine the time we arrive at the fire, and the presence of good locations can affect the time we arrive at the scene.