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Environmental issues is of concern of Qom Municipality: Mayor

Referring to the opening and operation of environmental projects of Qom Municipality in the field of waste management, the mayor of Qom said that paying attention to environmental issues is a concern of the municipality.

Dr. Seyyed Morteza Saghaiannejad made the comments in the opening ceremony and operation of seven environmental projects with a credit of over 1,000 billion rials in the continuation of the new phase of the implementation of the “Qom on the path of development” project.

It was held in the conference hall of Qom Municipality with the presence of Ali Selajegheh, vice president and head of the Environmental Protection Organization.

The new phase of the project “Qom on the path of development” has started since the last two weeks and we have 13 stages of opening different projects on the agenda, the mayor said.

Pointing out that today’s projects are very important, he noted, “The reason for this significance is the importance of the environment in people’s lives and for future generations.”

He stated that preserving environmental capital means growth, and added that the highest capital is nature and the environment, if we cannot protect them, we have not grown consequently.