Municipality News

Qom Municipality hailed for measures in Waste management & environmental services

The head of the country’s Environmental Protection Organization appreciated the inauguration of the projects of Qom Municipality’s waste area and considered the set of plans and actions of Qom’s urban management in waste management as a model for the country.

Ali Selajegheh made the remarks on the sidelines of the operation of environmental projects of Qom Municipality, referring to the opening of these projects.

In the last days as we approach the Fajr Decade,  across the country, we are witnessing the opening of different projects to revive and improve the lives of our dear citizens, he stated.

What we are witnessing in the province and city of Qom with the presence of Dr. Saghaiannejad, the capable, intelligent, and scholar mayor of Qom, fortunately, Qom city has been a suitable model for the country, he reiterated.

And we need such projects to be built in all cities, especially in cities that host pilgrims who travel from different cities and countries and see a progressive culture derived from our religious culture and Islamic teachings, he added.