Municipality News

Qom develops e-services in passenger terminals

Managing Director of Qom Municipality Passenger Terminals Organization says electronic services in Qom passenger terminals were further developed and made smart.

The web-based service management has been designed and operated in the terminals and settled many problems, Reza Pourianfar stated in a press conference on the explanation of the 6-year performance of Qom Municipality.

Emphasizing establishing online communication between all passenger terminals in Qom, Pourianfar added all terminals are equipped with UPS equipment and video management and monitoring so that services are not disrupted while monitoring.

He also referred to developing a special platform for travel companies to regulate passenger traffic, saying that organizing the freight transportation system in the central terminal, building 100 canopies for the terminal parking lot, systematizing the waiting hall of the central terminal, etc., have been among the organization’s measures in recent years.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the municipal official elaborated on the measures the Qom Municipality Passenger Terminals Organization has been taken to improve different terminals of the city.

Pourianfar stressed the organization of 72 Martyrs Terminal, explaining that some platforms were constructed, and two transportation companies established so the problem related to the buses’ traffic and stopping was solved.

He then referred to the Fadak terminal, saying that establishing three transportation companies, organizing the terminal, and constructing the hall and waiting platform improve its condition.

Managing Director of Qom Municipality Passenger Terminals Organization finally touched upon the improper conditions of the North Ride Park, adding the organization seeks to solve the problem by allocating 50 billion rials for organizing and beautifying the riding park.