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Municipality of Qom gets ready for Imam Mahdi birth anniv. celebrations

The deputy of municipal services of Qom municipality announced of special measures for Imam Mahdi birthday anniversary festivities.

Seyyed Amir Sameh made the announcement at the meeting of the Combating Coronavirus Headquarters of Qom Health Center, which was held in the presence of members of the city council, the director general of the province’s crisis management on the subject of Imam Mahdi birthday anniversary.

Elaborating on the measures taken vy Qom Municipality on this occasion regarding the conditions of the outbreak of coronavirus and necessity of observing health protocols he stated that creating Mahdavi enthusiasm and during these days are on our top agenda.

Every year, millions of Shia Muslim pilgrims from Iran and other countries converge at holy shrines and mosques — especially Jamkaran Mosque near the holy city of Qom — to celebrate the event.

Last year, Iranians celebrated the birth anniversary of the Twelfth and last Shia Imam, Imam Mahdi (PBUH), at their homes due to a ban on outdoor festivities and the closure of religious centers due to a deadly coronavirus pandemic.

But this year, coronvirus restrications have been eased partly and Qom municipality made proper arrangments in this regard.