Municipality News

7 environmental projects of Qom Municipality inaugurated with VP presence

Seven environmental projects of waste management of Qom Municipality were put into operation with the presence of the vice president and the head of the country’s Environmental Organization with a cost of over 1000 billion rials.

Following the implementation of the new phase of the plan “Qom on the path of development”, the opening ceremony of seven environmental projects of waste management of Qom Municipality was held this morning in the presence of Ali Selajgheh, Vice President and Head of the Environmental Organization of the country, in the Alborz Processing Complex.

Qom Mayor Dr. Saghaiannejad, officials of the country’s environmental organization, members of the Islamic City Council, deputies and city managers were also present in this ceremony.

It should be mentioned that the operation of the waste processing and separation line number 2, the launch of the granule production line, the construction of the waste engineering and sanitary burying cell, the construction of the fermentation site, the construction of the welfare building, the operation of machinery and the production of educational animations, were the seven projects operated in the field of waste