Municipality News

Qom Mayor visits District 5 of municipality

The mayor of Qom has paid an unplanned visit to the municipality of District 5 and was informed of the problems and issues of clients.

Today morning, Dr. Syyed Morteza Saghaiannejad visited the various activities and departments of the municipality’s District 5 along with the general director of the mayor’s office.

During his stay, he visited this region’s units of construction, lands, archives, municipality services, finance, etc..

During this visit, the managers of this urban area also presented a report on the activities and the demands of the people on a case-by-case basis.

Moreover, the mayor of Qom talked face-to-face with some citizens to solve their problems.

In this visit, while appreciating the activities of the municipality in the past years, the people demanded to reduce the process of some activities of the municipality in different areas.