Municipality News

Qom Municipality takes measures to manage Pilgrim Parking better

The Deputy for Transport and Traffic of Qom Municipality says increasing the car entrance capacity is on the municipality’s agenda, in addition to separating the car entrance route to the Pilgrim Parking lot.

Masoud Tabibi made the comments referring to traffic restrictions on Shahid Soleimani Blvd. and the entrance to the Pilgrim Parking lot.

He stated that the use of elevator power to manage the cars entering the Pilgrim Parking lot with the aim of building a mechanized parking lot without human intervention is the root solution to the problem of this parking lot.

In this program, the entrance of cars to Pilgrim Parkinfarking from Shahid Montazeri Boulevard is done smartly, and each car is placed in one of the cells, he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, The Deputy for transport and Traffic of Qom Municipality emphasized that we are consulting with technical investors of the private sector to complete the multi-story smart parking lot in Moalem square.

“The Moalem parking lot was one of the first smart parking lots in the country, but it has faced a problem due to the lack of technical ability to maintain it, and for this purpose, the purchase of services and the use of the technical capacity of the private sector is on the agenda of the deputy of transportation and traffic.”