Introduction to Qom Municipality

Qom Municipality Headquarters

Qom Municipality was officially established on April 7, 1926 with the appointment of Seyyed Ahmad Khan Rafa’t as the first mayor. Since then, 58 mayors served in the Municipality of this holy city. At the beginning of its establishment, Qom Municipality, like other municipalities in the country, was called “Baladieh” which then turned into “Municipality” with the approval of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature on June 1, 1935.

According to the rules of national divisions, Qom Municipality is ranked 11th in the country. The city has 10 districts (legislated in 2012) that 8 of them have been formed so far. Each urban district is divided into a number of sections; Qom city has 26 urban service sections. At present, the Municipality has about 3,600 official and contracted personnel.

Also, to manage the city’s specialized affairs, six deputies have been formed in the municipality, which are as follows:

  1. Deputy of Planning and Human Capital
  2. Deputy of Transportation and Traffic
  3. Deputy of Urban Services
  4. Deputy of Urban Planning and Architecture
  5. Technical and Construction Deputy
  6. Financial and Economic Deputy

Over the past years, Qom Municipality has also established some organizations to meet the needs of the people more efficiently. Currently, Qom Municipality enjoys 16 organizations and one specialized company which are:

  1. Organization of Fire and Safety Services
  2. Organization of Cemeteries (Behesht Masoumeh)
  3. Bus Organization
  4. Organization for Improvement, Renovation and Beautification around the Holy Shrine
  5. Organization of Parks and Green Spaces
  6. Passenger Terminals Organization
  7. Development and Construction Organization
  8. Transportation and Traffic Organization
  9. Beautification Organization
  10. Cultural, Sports and Arts Organization
  11. Information and Communication Technology Organization
  12. Urban Train Organization
  13. Slaughterhouse Organization
  14. Waste Management Organization
  15. Fruit and Vegetable Markets Organization
  16. Taxi Organization
  17. Masoumiyah Civil Company

For more information and details about Qom Municipality and its deputy offices or organizations, please contact us via the contact page of the General Directorate of Communications and International Affairs.