Municipality News

Qom Municipality honors police on national week

A number of Qom Municipality officials have appreciated the Law Enforcement Forces (Iran’s Police) on the occasion of National Police Week.

Honoring the services of Qom’s Law Enforcement Forces, the manager of district 7 of Qom Municipality, along with his deputies, met the police chiefs at the police stations.

Referring to the role of the police in providing security to the citizens, Majid Matinfar said the cooperation of urban management with the police has led to the creation of sustainable security in the city of Qom.

Also, Zeinulabedin Gharachorloo, the head of District 5 of Qom Municipality, accompanied by his deputies, visited the police stations and thanked the police force’s efforts in establishing social order and security.

Gharachorloo stressed that the municipality is ready to cooperate with the police force in solving the problems of the police stations.

Likewise, Mohammad Ramezani, the head of the eighth district of Qom Municipality visited two police stations in Pardisan town and extended his congratulation on Police Week.

Ramezani referred to the police force as a manifestation of strength and authority, saying sustainable security in today’s society is due to the efforts of police forces and the sacrifices they have made in this way.

In the meantime, in a message released on October 6, the mayor of Qom Dr. Seyyed Morteza Saghaiannejad offered his congratulations on the occasion of Police Week, commemorating the memories of police forces who sacrificed their lives to provide security and serve the people.