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Mayor describes physical progress of Qom civil projects as positive

The mayor of Qom Dr. Seyyed Morteza Saghaiannejad says given the country’s currency conditions the physical progress and implementation of Qom civil projects are desirable.

Speaking at the eighth public meeting of the Islamic City Council of Qom, Dr. Saghaiannejad stated that the implementation process of the city’s civil projects in 2021 was carefully examined last week.

Saghaiannejad referred to Qom Municipality’s budget bill 2021 for the implementation of civil projects, reiterating that according  to this year’s budget bill, in properties-related issues, 80% of the affairs should be done through exchange and trade-off, and the cash payment of properties is predicted about 20%.

Urban properties should be conducted in accordance with the instructions and laws, he emphasized, adding in the current situation and based on the Qom Municipality’s budget bill 2021, there is no choice but to acquire it through auctions and trade-off.

The mayor also touched upon the process of conducting urban properties for the implementation of civil projects, saying that yesterday, the first auction was held to acquire a part of Qom urban civil projects, and this process to be continued.

He further stressed that it does not seem that there will be any problems in the implementation of civil projects in the city of Qom this year.