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Applied Science University of Qom Municipality accepts student

Qom Municipality Applied Science University and Technology, as an entrepreneurial education center, started to accepts students in associate and bachelor degrees.

Applied Science University of Qom Municipality accepts associate students in majors such as administrative affairs management, interior design architecture, citizenship education instructors training, urban firefighting, interior design architecture, and civil-contract affairs and urban architecture.

Moreover, in the discontinuous bachelor’s degree, students are admitted in the majors of office management, architecture, interior design, management of citizenship education, and protection and prevention of fire and accidents.

The training center also offers specialized and applied courses such as internet marketing, start-up businesses and the use of financial accounting software in modular or single-course structure.

It has been announced that fall entries 2021-2022 must register by the end of September. And those who are interested in more information about the registration details can refer to the e-mail address or call 02538850002-3.