Municipality News

Qom Municipality’s 60 billion rials support for developing green buildings

The mayor of Qom Dr. Seyyed Morteza Saghaiannejad has announced the municipality’s 60 billion rials support for the construction and development of environmentally friendly buildings in the city.

Speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of 12 urban projects on Monday, Dr. Saghaiannejad stressed the municipality’s support for the environmental projects, saying that the municipality does not receive 50 billion rials tolls per year for issuing the construction license for these green buildings, and the buildings save 60 billion rials of energy.

As the environmentally friendly buildings reduce energy consumption so we have concessions in the toll sector for these buildings to encourage people to construct more green buildings, he noted.

Earlier, Qom municipality unveiled a plan to support the construction and development of environmentally friendly buildings to promote citizenship health.

The most important goals of this project include taking an important step in achieving the Qom Municipality’s 1404 strategic plan to provide a green city and paving the way to improve the citizens’ lifestyle by modifying the body of residential, educational and office living spaces.

Following the Qom municipality’s measures to pursue “Qom on the path of development’ plan, 12 urban projects including the inaugurating Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir Hakim Boulevard and non-level intersection, and improving several urban roads and streets, were launched today on eighth week.