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Qom municipality to improve bus stations for the disabled use

Abbas Zakerian

Qom Municipality Deputy of Transportation and Traffic says the city’s bus stations will be made suitable for the elderly and the disabled in the near future.

Abbas Zakerian made the remarks in an interview with on Wednesday.

Stressing that adapting bus stations to the needs of every section of society is one of the municipality’s concerns, Zakerian said access ramps will be implemented in the bus stations to make them accessible for the citizens with especial needs.

Elsewhere is his remarks, he referred to the importance of improving the quality of public transportation services, stating that the use of public transportation and the reduction of private car traffic in intercity travel requires providing desirable services and creating appropriate infrastructure.

The municipality official also underscored the refurbishment of the bus and taxi fleet, adding constructing standard bus and taxi stations has a great impact on facilitating and providing services to the people.

Deputy Minister of Transportation and Traffic of the Qom Municipality further announced that a specific budget has been allocated for organizing bus and taxi stations in the city.