Municipality News

CCO urges presidential candidates & election campaigns to follow rules

Mahdi Kalantarzadeh

The Director General of Communications and International Affairs of Qom Municipality has urged the election campaigns and presidential candidates in Iran’s 2021 election to follow the advertising rules.

Touching upon the beginning of the election campaigns for the 13th presidential elections and the 6th term of the City Council elections, Mehdi Kalantarzadeh emphasized that the candidates and election campaigns should fully observe the rules in displaying the urban advertising.

Kalantarzadeh stressed that the Qom municipality is not responsible for supervising election campaigns, saying the city’s provincial election headquarters bear the responsibility for the supervision and management of the campaigns’ programs, including exhibition, cultural and promotional stations, talks and rallies.

Referring to the municipality’s actions, he stated that 530 billboards were installed in different parts of the city for the campaigning of the candidates for presidential elections and the Islamic City Council of Qom.

He went on to say that the Qom municipality’s measures were aimed at increasing the people’s enlightenment and maximizing their presence in the country’s 13th presidential election since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The 13th presidential election will be held on June 18 along with three other elections – the City Council Elections, the Parliamentary By-Elections and the Assembly of Expert By-Elections.