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Qom’s chief justice appreciates municipality efforts in city management

Qom mayor

The Chief Justice of Qom Province appreciated the efforts of the municipality in the city management saying coherent city management leads to the development  of the city, and during this period, great efforts have been made in this field. 

Hojatoleslam Ali Mozaffari made the remarks today in a meeting with the mayor of Qom and city managers.

Referring to the coronavirus spread, he underlined that the situation in Qom was blue on the eve of Nowruz (Persian new year) and Eid, and suddenly the situation turned red, which raised concerns.

Stating that seemingly, the level of compliance with the protocols also decreased during this period, Qom’s Prosecutor General for Judicial Affairs added unfortunately, people have problems and many people can not stay at home, and outdoor activities have led to the increase in  rate of infection.

For his part, the mayor of Qom touched upon the problems in the field of coronavirus outbreak and the impact of this disease on the process of urban development projects, and noted that despite all the problems, we have stood firm in urban management and service to citizens, and we are working to develop the city and remove obstacles.

Dr. Seyyed Morteza Saghaiannejad, along with the deputies of urban planning, transportation, urban, financial and economic services and planning, and the director general of the mayor’s office and the director general of communications and international affairs of Qom municipality, met with Hojatoleslam Mozaffari on Monday.