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Municipality official warns Qomi citizens against using nylon

The head of the Waste Management Organization of Qom Municipality warned citizens against using nylon and plastic bags while urging them to provide environment-friendly materials.

Seyyed Abdullah Mirebrahimi outlined that 10% of 67 tons of daily waste in Qom is nylon and plastic garbage bags, and this means a catastrophe.

Referring to the increasing consumption of nylon and plastic bags in the community, he stated that we need to correct our behavior and change the general attitude.

Part of waste management related to cultural issues and attitudes in society. Unfortunately, some of the ideas that are prevalent in society make no sense, he added.

He went on to note that for example, when we buy from the store with each purchase of goods, they deliver plastic nylon.

Mirabrehimi said that 10%, equivalent to 67 tons of Qom’s daily waste, is nylon and garbage bags, and this means disaster.

The return of nylon and plastic to nature takes 200 to 300 years, and its number is increasing every day due to misconceptions in society, he reiterated.