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Qom’s urban budget on path of more transparency: Official

The head of the Program, Budget and Investment Affairs Commission of the Islamic City Council of Qom said that the budget trends of recent years, as well as monitoring reports, indicate more financial transparency.

Majid Akhavan made the remarks on Monday’s meeting of the City Council.

He stated that the various remarks of the members of the Islamic City Council and their supervision over the budget of the city management have been aimed at achieving continuous financial discipline.

Akhavan went on to say that a comparison of annual budgets and monitoring reports shows more transparency.

He also added that 84%  of the civil programs of Qom Municipality has been realized in 2019.

Audit reports, financial bills, and notices given in this regard are considered and we have shared them with the managers of municipal districts and affiliated organizations to continue the reform process in preparing the annual budget, the official noted.

Meanwhile, Akhavan reminded that the notices given in the municipal budget audit report are being considered by the city management officials so that the budgets can be prepared with maximum accuracy and at financial transparency and discipline, as well.