Municipality News

7 tons of hospital waste collected daily in Qom

The deputy of municipal services of Qom municipality said that at present, 5 tons of hospital waste and 2 tons of medical garbage are collected in Qom on the daily basis.

Seyyed Amir Sameh made the remarks on Sunday in a meeting with Ayatollah A’rafi with the mayor and city managers of Qom.

Referring to the installation of a hospital waste disposal device in Qom, he stated that this device with a capacity of 10 tons has been donated to Qomby China, and this device is currently installed and operating.

Explaining that this device destroys all hospital and medical waste to a high degree after decontamination, he noted that currently, 5 tons of hospital waste and two tons of medical garbage are collected in Qom.

Sameh pointed out that his device has 14 generators and Qom is the only city equipped with this device in the country.

Earlier, the director of Qom Municipality Waste Management Organization announced that  670 to 700 tons of waste are collected daily from the city, in which more than 50% of wet waste in Qom is turned into fertilizer.