Municipality News

47 waste recycling booths start operations in Qom

The head of the Waste Management Organization of Qom Municipality announced the opening of 47 waste recycling and service booths for citizens in the Persian new year.

Seyyed Abdullah Mirabrahimi, pointing to the importance of providing services to citizens in the field of waste, stated that given the beginning of the new year, the activity of waste recycling booths to deliver dry waste and provide services to citizens started.

Referring to the time of operation of the booths, he specified that the city-wide waste recycling booths are open from 8 to 13 in the morning and from 15 to 18 in the evening, in order to provide services to the citizens.

The municipality official noted that there are 47 recycling booths across the city and added these booths are active in the field of informing and educating citizens.

Touching upon the implementation of various cultural projects in the recycling booths,  Mirabrahimi reiterated the implementation of various programs and the exchange of dry waste, including the exchange of dry waste with flowers and plants and books are among the projects that will be done in recycling booths this year.

Meanwhile, the Islamic City Council of Qom had explored all avenues for investment in the waste management’s section in the city to promote the level of services.