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Qom Municipality after creating fix place to offer capabilities of clients under supporting institutions

The head of cultural, social and sports organization of Qom Municipality says that with the cooperation between the municipality and the province’s welfare, efforts are being made to open a specific place to supply the capabilities and products of the clients under supporting institutions.

Hojjatuleslam Seyyed Ahmad Tabatabainejad made the comments referring to the measures taken by the cultural, social and sports organization of Qom municipality in the form of setting up various exhibitions since the beginning of this year.

The social approach of Qom Municipality has become bolder since the beginning of this year and so far, in the form of several different exhibitions, some of the capabilities of the people under supporting institutions have gained the opportunity to present themselves, he noted.

He went on to say that In the cultural centers at the neighborhood level, the necessary field for the supply of capabilities and productions of people under supporting institutions has become more prominent than in the past.