Municipality News

90% progress in Qom’s Ghadir Galaxy investment project

The director of district eight of Qom Municipality announced the 90% progress in the Ghadir Galaxy investment project in Ghadir Park.

According to the news unit of the eighth district of Qom municipality, Mohammad Hossein Ali Akbari made the announcement referring to the importance of investing in the development and progress of the city.

Investment projects such as the Ghadir Galaxy project will bring prosperity and development to the city, and Qom Municipality will always support investors with various incentives, he stated.

He went on to say that the project has been 90% complete so far, adding, “This complex has more than 10,000 square meters of built-area, which includes sections such as food court, cinema, reception hall, amusement park and..”.

The director of District Eight of Qom Municipality considered the construction contract of this complex and noted that The contract for this entertainment complex is in the form of a bot (construction, operation, transfer).