Municipality News

“Establishment of joint inter-agency base a solution for integrated urban management”

The chairman of the Supreme Council of Provinces described the establishment of a joint specialized base as a prelude to the implementation of integrated urban management.

Parviz Sarvari made the remarks in a meeting with the presiding board of the Qom Islamic City  Council, referring to the capabilities of the members of the Qom City Council.

Establishing specialized bases among different bodies can solve some of the problems while needing a realistic and executive view to implement integrated urban management, he said.

He went on to note that we hope that with the capabilities that exist in this council, we can do joint work.

He pointed to the comprehensive system of Tehran approvals and added, “In this system, the approvals of Tehran have been uploaded in this system since the time of Reza Shah, and it is a great work that you can follow the approved legal process.”

The head of the Supreme Council of Provinces asserted, “We hope that this system will be implemented for all cities and we are trying to implement this system in the Supreme Council of Provinces so that the city of Qom can also launch this system and use this system to resolve some of the confusions.”