Municipality News

Qom City Council voices support for National Housing Movement Plan

The head of the Islamic Council of Qom has expressed the council’s agreement with the bill regarding the reduction of tolls in the house construction on 22 hectares of land in Pardisan within the national plan of the Housing Movement.

Dr. Hossein Eslami today made the announcement today in the 40th official and public meeting of the Islamic City Council of Qom.

He touched upon the bill on obtaining a license not to receive the amount of value-added surcharges from the user possessing an educational unit and noted, “Value-added fees in educational units should not be more than residential ones.”

In reference to obtaining a 50 percent reduction in licensing fees based on the year 1400 calculation and paying the rest of the debt in one-year installments with a cultural and social institution, he added that being non-governmental is one of the means of applying such discounts to cultural institutions.

Elsewhere in his remarks, He referred to the 27th of Ordibehesht (May 26) and the national day of public relations, he said that Democracy has a fourth pillar called communication and media, and this issue becomes more important every year in the contemporary world, and if this pillar is addressed properly, many of the demands of citizens on various issues will be better managed.