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Saghaiannejad stresses balanced urban development in Qom

Emphasizing the importance of balanced urban development, the mayor of Qom says there must be a harmony between the application of discounts on various city tolls and the actual revenues of the municipality, and both issues must be weighed as a unit.

Dr. Seyed Morteza Saghaiannejad made the remarks today in the 40th official and public meeting of the Islamic City Council of Qom.

He referred to the financial burden of toll discounts of the Islamic Council of the city in comparison with the specific revenues of the urban management sector and stated, “Municipality’s revenues, like the value-added issue, are facing troubles every year.”

The mayor further noted the heavy financial burden of implementing cultural programs.

Equipping and constructing new museums, cooperating in holding the second national congress of the province’s martyrs, commemorating the clergy martyrs, and helping cultural institutions are among the topics that should be considered logically and accurately in the urban management section, he added.

The Mayor of Qom reiterated that the application of discounts and city revenues should be considered wisely and on a single page.

There must be a reasonable balance between the reduction of taxes and municipal revenues, otherwise, the development process of the city will be disrupted, he noted.