Municipality News

Citizens’ cooperation key to success in Qom urban management projects

The head of Qom Municipality’s deputy for urban services has said the key to success in urban management projects is the participation, cooperation and collaboration of the citizens.

Mehdi Isfahanian Moghaddam made the comments at the first meeting of the Qom Municipality Urban Services Council.

The three principles of law-oriented, people-oriented, and knowledge-based are municipality’s policy in the field of municipal services, he declared.

If we work with these criteria, we have fulfilled our legal duty, the municipality official added.

“The key to success in providing the proper services is unanimity and coordination, and we must be heard unanimously from the eight districts to the deputies, and we must provide services so that deserve the city of Karimeh Ahl al-Bayt (AS).”

The head of Qom Municipality Urban Services Deputy further stressed that we must all implement and pursue work policies.

The most important issue on which we spend energy and money is the collection, transportation and burial of waste, and the second issue is the cleaning of passages and streets, which has been assigned to the private sector, he concluded.