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Over 95% of Qom Municipality’s Bus Org. budget realized in 1400

The head of the Qom Municipality Bus Organization, referring to the organization’s budget of 60 billion Tomans in 1400 says nearly 95% of this budget was realized.

Mohammad Sadegh Zamani made comments touching upon the financial performance and budgets of the Qom Municipality Bus Organization.

The budget for the year 1400, with the approval of the Islamic City Council of Qom, was 62 billion and 200 million Tomans, which was reduced to 60 billion Tomans in the amendment, he stated.

He then pointed out the realization of this budget and noted that out of this amount, more than 58 billion and 385 million Tomans have been realized, which is close to 95%.

The head of Qom Municipality Bus Organization went on to say that the income of the organization, which was the price of services to citizens and institutions, should have been 17 billion and 650 million Tomans, of which 17 billion and 460 million Tomans was realized, which shows 99% in terms of percentage.

He added that 95% of the income from property has been realized, and reiterated, “In this regard, the government grants in the amount of one billion Tomans were predicted, but they were not realized.